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A small number of Dan's images are made available as Dan Carr Limited Editions. No more than a tiny amount of signed and numbered prints of each pieces will ever be produced. Because of such rarity, this will give the owner a higher value to their investment as the edition continues to sell.  Most photographers set unrealistic "limits" of hundreds of prints per edition but we don't believe in that methodology, we want to offer you something truly limited.  Dan Carr Limited Editions are much smaller in number.

Whilst open edition prints are available to order and pay for directly via this website, the limited editions are a lot more personalized. Once you have placed a limited edition order by contacting us, the file is sent to a master printers in Vancouver, British Columbia, where it is printed onto the finest archival Hahnemuehle German-imported fine art papers. An archival coating also ensures that your investment is protected, and able to be displayed for many years to come.

Once the print is completed, Dan will personally collect and inspect it to ensure that it meets the exacting standards of a Dan Carr Limited Edition. The print is then hand-signed, numbered and shipped to you with a certificate of authenticity. Each certificate pack also contains the complete story behind the image, giving further valuable insight into your artwork for you and your guests to refer to.

Please note that since each print is produced to order, the delivery time is longer than with mass produced prints. That's ok, good quality and a unique piece of art is worth the little extra wait! Delivery time may also vary if Dan is away on a photographic expedition as inspection and signing will have to be done his return. In general, you should allow up to 6 weeks for final delivery of your print so please bear this in mind if you are purchasing the prints as a birthday or wedding gift. Rush jobs can sometimes be accommodated for an additional fee if Dan is not on the road. Once an order has been placed via e-Mail, you will be updated throughout the process and provided with a shipping date and tracking number for your insured shipment.

Limited Edition Sizing & Base Pricing

- 16 x 24 ....................... $650 --------> 40 pieces

- 20 x 30 ....................... $775 --------> 30 pieces

- 24 x 36 ....................... $995 --------> 20 pieces

- 30 x 45 ....................... $1695 ------> 10 pieces


The price for each edition will increase by 7.5% every time a further 25% of the edition has been sold. For example, once the first 10 pieces in the 16x24 edition have been sold, the price of that will rise to $698.75 for that image.

The sooner you purchase your print, the higher the value of your investment will become as the price rises on the remainder.  When you enquire about a Limited Edition print, you will be informed of the current pricing for that edition.

Included With The Print

-- Certificate of authenticity (signed & numbered)

-- Additional information about the creation of your particular image

-- Cotton gloves for handling the print. NOTE: We recommend that you do not handle the print at all and that it is only handled by a professional framer to protect your investment.

Quality Guarantee

I stand by the quality of these prints and offer a full refund within ten days of receipt. I have yet to refund anyone but I like to offer you maximum peace of mind.

New Work

As I produce new work I will add those rare images that qualify to the Dan Carr Limited Edition series. If you are collector and want to have first access to these new works, please leave me your e-Mail here and you will be added to my exclusive collectors list.

Artist's Proof

For each image, an additional 5 "Artist's Proofs" are reserved for friends, family and Elite Collectors. These "APs" may vary slightly from the regular Limited Edition version of the image. Artists Proofs are numbered 1-5 and labelled "AP". Due to the extreme rarity of these images, pricing can be double that of a similarly sized Limited Edition. Please contact for more details or to discuss a custom AP request.

Fine Art Framing

We do not currently offer fine art framing due to international shipping complications. We really believe that this step should be taken very seriously and you should consult a professional framer to help you protect and enhance your investment for your chosen hanging location. In order to protect your work, we recommend that you do not handle the print yourself. Leave this to the professionals and make sure that they always use acid free archival materials.


Prices do not include shipping, which we charge at cost. We usually ship with UPS but can also accommodate requests to use FedEx if you have an account with them. Local Canadian orders can be shipped with Canada Post. Insurance and tracking is mandatory for all shipments.

Why Limit Print Numbers?

Not all photographers believe in limiting the print numbers of their images but we believe it's important to protect the investment of the people that purchase this work, and offer them something that truly very few others are able to own.  This limitation is also a great motivation for Dan to get out and continue the never-ending search for the next Dan Carr Limited Edition.  Something which will usually take  hundreds of hours of work and thousands of miles of travel.

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